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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wedding Rings

A couple of weeks ago, I attended my ex-husbands wedding. His bride, Linda added little wedding rings to their special day as decorations... from the champagne glasses to the wedding cake. Nice touch, and a lovely wedding. Congratulations to Ken and Linda!


  1. Not sure what the red things are - but they are so colorful and this is a lovely photo!

  2. Thanks for coming back! ;o)

    The red dots were little glass stones, like the kind you find in floral arrangements. I have another shot of the whole thing. There was a candle in the middle of the plate.

  3. Your photos are so lovely and very professional looking!

  4. Thanks again, I have been blessed with a great camera! Getting ready to go out of town for Halloween, hope to get some fall shots...


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